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We want to see Jesus at the heart of every life, marriage, family, workplace, community and nation


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Missions supported by St Andrews



Iphiko is a UK Christian based mission, established in 2012, working in Mpumalanga, a province in the eastern part of South Africa.

A trained counsellor/psychotherapist works with individuals and groups in need, and also trains key people - social workers, teachers and pastors for example - in basic counselling skills.

In addition, they also support various children’s projects and their leaders.


Internationally, Grassroots runs sponsorship programmes in India, Kenya (in Theta and Ruiru), Romania and Tanzania. People pay between £3.50 and £20 a month to sponsor a child, which provides (depending on the project) food, education, medical care, and accommodation.

In addition to this, Grassroots runs a drop-in centre in Tenerife called The Living Room. Run by local Christians, The Living Room provides a safe place to talk, relax and provides a lifeline to those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The team run the centre during the day and spend their nights visiting club workers.

In the UK, Grassroots runs Orison, a prayer spaces in schools initiative that visits Primary and Secondary schools to encourage children and young people to think about what they believe about prayer

Exodus Cry is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to abolishing sex slavery through Christ-centered prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims.

St Andrews specifically supports the work of Helen Taylor at Exodus Cry in Kansas City.


My Child Uganda has a passion to impact the lives of children and young people, while working with parents to ensure a sustainable income. They believe this will impact the whole community and help transform generations.

Projects include a community swap shop and library, together with child sponsorship and local building projects.